Abstract Status

First Author Title Status
Akdemir Spatial organization of the genome and genomic alterations in human cancers Poster
Akilesh Integrated regulatory genomics of renal cell carcinoma Talk
Alvarado Molecular changes at environmental extremes: Shrinking ants, hibernating squirrels, and social fish Poster
An A computational framework to predict chromatin interaction using genomic and epigenomic data Poster
Anguera Unusual maintenance of X-chromosome Inactivation predisposes female lymphocytes for increased expression from the inactive X Talk
Astiaso Comprehensive mapping of chromatin dynamics during blood formation Talk
Bailey Modulation of an enhancer regulated by GATA3 underlies the association between the ESR1 locus (6q25.1) and risk of breast cancer. Poster
Bakulski DNA methylation of cord blood cell types: Applications for mixed cell birth studies Poster
Black Targeted Epigenetic Reprogramming by CRISPR/Cas9-Based Transcription Factors Directs the Conversion of Fibroblasts to Neuronal Cells Poster
Chee Mapping and Celular Dynamics of Human miRNA-Transcription Factor Cross-Regulatory Networks Poster
Chen The Xist lncRNA recruits the X chromosome to the nuclear lamina to enable chromosome-wide silencing Talk
Chou The roles of tRNA modifications in translation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Short Talk
Ciernia Mapping epigenomic pathways of resilience acquired in early life Short Talk
Cleary Global models of transcriptional regulation in 127 human cell types Talk
Coulson Characterizing the processing, localization, and function of Snord116 noncoding RNAs at the Prader-Willi locus Poster
D'Ippolito Elucidating cis- and trans- regulatory functions of the glucocorticoid receptor using CRISPR/Cas9-based epigenetic modifiers. Poster
Darrow Macrosatellite DXZ4 facilitates formation of heterochromatin and long-range interactions on the human inactive X chromosome Talk
Deblois The impact of metabolic adaptations on epigenetic profiles in taxane resistance in triple-negative breast cancer Short Talk
Dempster Genome-wide methylomic analysis of monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia Poster
Denny Genome-wide chromatin accessibility changes regulated by Nfib defines SCLC metastatic state and drives SCLC metastatic ability Short Talk
Dozmorov Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 epigenomic signature defines age-associated hypermethylation and gene expression changes Poster
Duffie Investigating RNA-mediated heterochromatin formation at Olfactory Receptor Loci in Olfactory Sensory Neurons Poster
Dunaway A cross-comparison of methylome landscape features between different human pluripotent cell lines and tissues Poster
Engreitz Many promoters of lncRNAs and mRNAs act as enhancers in local gene regulatory networks Short Talk
Escamilla Del Arenal Participation of nuclear architecture in OR choice Poster
Eser Unbiased identification of transcription start sites reveals that promoters are intrinsically bi-directional Poster
Fauvin Next Generation Epigenetics Ð Innovative Research Tools for the Accurate Analysis of DNA Modifications Poster
Federation The enhancer landscape of chronic lymphocytic leukemia reveals dominant and targetable networks of transcriptional regulation Poster
Feng Characterization of the Anti-Tumour Effects of EZH2 Inhibition in Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumours Short Talk
Freire-Pritchett Global rewiring of enhancer-promoter interactions during early lineage commitment in human embryonic stem cells Talk
Funnell 2p15-p16.1 microdeletions encompassing and proximal to BCL11A are associated with elevated HbF in addition to neurologic impairment Poster
Guo Modular Combinatorial Binding among Human Trans-acting Factors Reveals Direct and Indirect Factor Binding Short Talk
Haghighi Epigenetic and Transcriptional Mechanisms in Blast-related Traumatic Brain Injury Poster
Hardin Genome-wide characterization of mammalian retrotransposon exaptation due to tissue-specific regulatory function Talk
Harlen Comprehensive RNA Polymerase II Interactomes Reveal the Distinct and Varied Roles for Each Phospho-CTD Residue Short Talk
Hartman Cardiomyocyte Cartography: Mapping the regulatory epigenome of cardiomyocyte subtypes during differentiation. Poster
Higgins Valproate and ketamine pharmacodynamic neural circuits demonstrate the importance of CTCF-mediated chromatin contact domains Poster
Hochgerner Single-cell transcriptional profiling of the mouse dentate gyrus Talk
Hocking A supervised machine learning approach for joint peak detection in any number of samples and cell types Poster
Hodges Cancer defects of the SMARCA4 ATPase induce genome-wide alterations of Polycomb activity Short Talk
Holland Epigenomics and prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants: New Data from CHAMACOS Birth Cohort Study Talk
Hsieh The advance of Micro-C technique Poster
Huntley Diploid maps of chromatin interactions reveal allele-specific looping and the unique structural conformation of the inactive X chromosome Short Talk
Hur Speciation between mouse and human causes incomplete establishment of imprinting at the humanized H19/Igf2 ICR in mouse Poster
Israeli Integrative deep learning models for predicting in-vivo transcription factor binding from sequence and chromatin accessibility Poster
Jang Conditional "Carpet Bombing" CRISPR/Cas9-based genome engineering in zebrafish Short Talk
Johnston Selective Lysis Enables Effective Whole Genome Bisulphite Sequencing of Buccal Epithelial Samples Poster
Karmaus Transmission of DNA methylation from parent to newborn is explained by genetic polymorphisms Poster
Klann Epigenome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9 for Annotating Regulatory Element Function Talk
Köferle Finding chromatin marks that matter using a CRISPR-based epigenetic screening method Talk
La Manno Comparative Molecular Anatomy of Midbrain Dopamine Neuron Development Poster
Lazar A distinct regulatory architecture underlying small cell lung cancer sensitivity to LSD1 inhibitors Poster
Lee Epigenome changes of osteoblasts during zebrafish fin regeneration Short Talk
Li Towards Quantitative Epigenetics: Building the Foundation of Epigenomcis Roadmaps Talk
Libbrecht A unified encyclopedia of human functional elements through fully automated annotation of 173 human cell types Poster
Liu Systematic identification of predictive casual GWAS SNPs within transcription factor binding sites that control chromatin landscape Talk
López-Moyado Profound TET loss-of-function results in genome instability and oncogenesis Talk
Mann Nucleoporin-mediated regulation of a genomic imprinted domain Talk
Maschietto Intergenic DNA hypomethylation is a hallmark of hepatoblastoma Poster
Masud Novel Assay for MDA-Independent Single-Cell Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing to Assess DNA Methylation Heterogeneity Poster
Maurano Sequence variation affecting transcription factor occupancy in highly diverged mouse strains Talk
Mazor Aberrant DNA hypomethylation following loss or amplification of mutant IDH1 in glioma Short Talk
Meuleman epilogos: A statistical approach for mining multi-tissue chromatin state annotations Talk
Mondragon Analysis of RNA binding specificities of proteins using RHT-SELEX Talk
Moon A novel senescence/anti-aging mechanism of adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) Poster
Moskowitz Differential enhancer transcription defines a gene regulatory network Talk
Myers Exploring the role of Tet1 in genomic imprinting Short Talk
Nadadur A TBX5-PITX2 incoherent feed forward loop modulates cardiac rhythm Poster
Natarajan De novo enhancer identification in differentiated Drosophila tissues Poster
Onuchic Epigenomic deconvolution provides insights into heterotypic interactions within breast tumors Poster
Onuchic Allelic epigenomes shed light on the function of noncoding variants in the human genome Talk
Pankov Computational challenges and solutions for analyzing epigenetic intratumoral heterogeneity Poster
Pavlovic Regions of invariant DNA methylation in human epigenomes in the context of methylation prediction, and functional significance Poster
Price Creating Cell-Type Specific Epigenomic Profiles Across Human Cortical Development and Aging Poster
Pulice Defining the complete landscape of BAF subunit perturbation in human cancer Poster
Purushotham Repeat Browser: a resource to wrangle sequencing data in a TE-centric manner Short Talk
Ramani Massively multiplexed single-cell Hi-C by combinatorial barcoding Short Talk
Risca Bridging the structure gap: Mapping chromatin secondary structure genome-wide using ionizing radiation Poster
Rito Gene expression changes in neuronal dierentiation captured by Hi-C trees Short Talk
Sadeh Elucidating Chromatin Architecture by Combinatorial Co-ImmunePrecipitation (co-ChIP) Talk
Sanborn Chromatin extrusion explains key features of loop and domain formation in wild-type and engineered genomes Short Talk
Sandoval TMPRSS2-ERG drives global mistargeting of mammalian SWI/SNF (BAF) complexes in prostate cancer Short Talk
Schmidt Demographic and Environmental Predictors of Placental DNA Methylation in the MARBLES Cohort Study Poster
Scholes Integration of regulatory information at promoters through combinatorial control of the transcriptional cycle Short Talk
Sethi Tissue and developmental time stage specific enhancer prediction Poster
Shao High-resolution transcription machinery footprints reveal coupling between initiation and pausing Poster
Shrikumar Not Just a Black Box: Interpretable Deep Learning for Genomics and Epigenomics Talk
Siebenthall Regulatory landscape remodeling by endocrine disruptors Talk
Squazzo Cost-effective DNA methylation mapping with superior resolution and coverage Poster
Su The Identification of Novel Epigenomic Sites in Human: An Exploratory Analysis Poster
Sun Relationship between Xi compaction and gene silencing Poster
Tippens Towards global exonuclease footprinting of DNase hypersensitive sites Poster
Tjong PopulationÐbased 3D genome structure modeling Poster
Torre Genome-wide perturbations of transcriptional networks in single cells Poster
Treviño Targets for Developmental Reprogramming in the Liver Short Talk
Viana Schizophrenia-associated epigenetic variation in the brain Short Talk
Vockley Massively parallel reporter assays reveal glucocorticoid receptor interaction modules that direct gene expression responses to corticosteroids Talk
Vrijens Inverse correlation between pre-pregnancy BMI and candidate miRNA expression in placental tissue at birth: Findings from the ENVIRONAGE birth cohort Poster
Wang Visualizing three-dimensional organization and long-range interactions of the mammalian genome with the 3D Genome Browser Poster
Wei Limited sets of transcription factors are strongly active in specific cell types Talk
Weiner Single molecule characterization of histone marks co-occurrence reveals extensive dynamics of bivalent domains in mammalian development Talk
Xin Deciphering the Role of Various Mechanisms in Transcription Factor-DNA Binding on a Protein Family-Specific Basis Poster
Yang A comprehensive map and comparative analysis of cis-regulatory elements in the zebrafish genome Short Talk
Yao Cis-regulatory architecture of a brain-signaling center predates the origin of chordates Poster
Yue Epigenetic priming of enhancers predicts developmental competence during endodermal lineage differentiation Talk
Zhang Blocks of tightly coupled DNA methylation in human stem cells and cancers. Talk
Zhang Transcriptomic and epigenomic landscape of nicotinic receptor genes in non-neuronal tissues Poster
Zimmerman Towards an epigenetic signature of the impact of autism and childhood adversity Poster